Welcome To The Colourful & Artsy World Of Spirit In Art

Who We Are

SnailFarm is part of Spirit'n Art™ Delightful Creations

Spirit in Art Brand™ aims to support both children and adults to develop a creative attitude to life and to maintain a sense of curiosity throughout life.

We believe that we are all children at heart that is displayed so vividly in our full-hearted laughter. We promise that our products will make you feel delighted.  When you apply a light-hearted approach to life, your life will become more relaxed and you will feel more at ease.


Our promise to you is that all our services and products are:

  • tenderheartedly creative and unique
  • a constant reminder to cheer up, have fun and be at ease
  • made of high quality and/or of eco-friendly (or recycled material)

 Our values:

  • we induce a sense of delight
  • in some ways everything we create is educational and eco-conscious 
  • we prefer using materials that are recycled and/or are eco-friendly 

The print designs on the products are part of the SnailFarm Community and related to the stories about the Snails.

Each story comes with a new set of characters that are collectibles and only available on the products for a certain period of time until the new story comes out.

Collectibles are products with the SnailFarm designs on them. Each CAMPAIGN comes with a short story that is published on AMAZON and with a series of products that bears the designs of only those characters that are part of the short story.

According to legend, The SnailFarm™ is located in Grandma’ Ogre's Veggie Garden. The stories of the Snails and the creatures of the Dark Forest are told by Phillipe, the storyteller, Grandma’Ogre’s grandson.



The Change, the first story in the SnailFarm_StorySlime Story Collection™, is now available on AMAZON. 
The present Collection of Designs are all part of this story. They are only available during The Change Campaign. 

When you purchase a product in our shop you will receive The Change, SnailFarm_StorySlime short story. We will send you the AMAZON discount code to your registered email address.


The SnailFarm_StorySlime Creative Storytelling Project™ 

The SnailFarm_StorySlime Creative Storytelling Project™ is an educational Creative Storytelling Project for 9-13 year old children.

Using the delightful characters of the SnailFarm Community, you are invited to create stories about the Life on the SnailFarm.

In a world of computers and gadgets where you and other children may find it challenging to connect with one another in a collaborative way, the creators of The SnailFarm_StorySlime Creative Storytelling Project™ wish to provide a surface for you, children, not only to connect with each another but to co-create together.

Creators would like to offer you, young people, a surface to strengthen, refine and foster your creativity especially your Creative Writing skills and Digital Storytelling skills in English. As a result of being involved in writing and telling stories about the Snails, you may decide to chose a creative profession and develop a successful career as an artist.

by finishing the story called 'Where is Baboon?'